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  • Scrub Apaisant
  • Scrub Apaisant
  • Scrub Apaisant

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A soothing scrub that deeply cleanses the scalp and hair. This scrub leaves the scalp free to breathe, leaving hair looking gorgeous & shiny.

Why You'll Love it

This soothing scrub is the ideal cleansing treatment to remove product buildup and its gel texture is specifically designed for sensitive scalps to combat dryness, dandruff and flakiness. This gentle scrub replaces your traditional shampoo and cleanses the scalp and hair from pollution particles and sebum up to 22% more than a traditional shampoo, leaving the scalp and fibres smoothed and primed for other treatments. By massaging the scrub into your scalp, micro-circulation is activated, promoting skin renewal and unclogging pores for optimal scalp health. The indulgent mix of jojoba and sweet orange peel smoothes, softens and hydrates the scalp without damaging the cuticles or causing irritation. Breathe in the refreshing citrus notes scent unleashed while massaging, let it awaken your senses and calm the skin. Easy to rinse, this scrub leaves the scalp free to breathe, leaving hair looking shinier, lighter and 59.7% more volumised.

Key Benefits 

  • Removes deeply sebum, pollution particules, product build-up and impurities (3 x more pollution particles than with a traditional shampoo)
  • Improves efficacy of treatments applied next

Key Ingredients

  • Sea Salt from France: purifies from all residues

  • Vitamin B6: helps strengthening and growth of hair

  • Salicylic Acid: effective exfoliator properties

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